BPIG MBBPIG GCH Perun's Jewel Orchid


Jewel is from our first Siberian Husky litter, the flower liter (DOB May 8 2016) and is our first home-bred champion and grand champion! Jewel is seeking a pet home for her retirement from showing. She has tried dog sledding, and it's not her idea of fun. She would so much rather be a pet, so we are letting her go to only the most perfect of homes. Jewel has been raised indoors and is house and crate trained. She is also fine loose in the house. The only thing she will do is destroy a plant if she needs to go outside and no one is paying attention to her asking. 

Jewel likes car rides and adventures, but isn't high energy. Jewel does not jump or climb fences, but likes to dig small caves to get stuck in and scream for help! Jewel loves to be petted all over and will cuddle on occasion, and will keep to herself when she wants. Jewel's favorite room in the house is the kitchen. No one is allowed to enter the kitchen without her. She will tell you all about it! She is saucy and a tonne of fun in her low energy way!  Jewel likes to be picked up a certain way and will tell you when she wants to be picked up. Jewel is dog friendly and will tolerate kids, though they aren't her idea of fun. Jewel has not met cats, but has a prey drive so is not recommended with cats. 

Jewel's ideal home is a low-energy home that will let her be Jewel, but also give her the affection she seeks and the adventures in the vehicle she seeks. Jewel would do very well in an apartment/condo, with first-time husky owners, or with retired individuals who have a quiet lifestyle and all the love to give. 

Jewel has never been bred, and would ideally be placed on a co-ownership so that we may breed her if/when we find a suitable sire. We are open to a non-breeding and spay contract as well. Skip the puppy stage and get a seasoned, trained adult for the same price!

Her pedigree can be found here: and her health test results are on the OFA website. 

Find Out More

 If you have any questions and are interested in adding Jewel to your home, please contact us! You will need to fill out our puppy questionnaire and she will have the same contract as our puppies. At 2.5 years old, she still has a long life ahead, but no annoying puppy traits to deal with!