Perun's Zoom Zoom


Little miss Mazda certainly lives up to her registered name! Often seen zooming around the yard or in the house at full tilt while squealing in excitement, she is our happy little pocket rocket! Being the smallest dog in the kennel makes her quite agile as well. 

Mazda was our pick of the litter, but she decided that dog shows weren't her calling, and so regrettably, we have made her available to an active sport/mushing home where she can use her skills. She would fit in well with an active dog sports home that does recreational mushing, agility, barn hunt. 

She's been raised indoors and is house trained, crate trained, travels well in vehicles, is very affectionate, and eager to keep you active. No apartments/condo's for Mazda please. If you live in an apartment/condo, check out Jewel!

Mazda was born on September 8 2018 and is out of GCH Snowmist's Xclusively Yours x GCH Snowmist's Zip Zap What's That. Mazda is fully vaccinated, dewormed, and her eyes were certified clear in November 2018.