Conformation, Racing, Rescue

Conformation, Racing, Rescue


About Us

GCH Snowmist's Zip Zap What's That professionally handled to a Select Dog win at SHCC Nationals 2017

About Us

Our love and dedication to Siberian Huskies goes way back, however our kennel is relatively new. In 2009, I rescued my first Siberian: a gorgeous copper and white male named Thunder. This is where our name came from. Perun is the Slavic God of Thunder and Lightning and has a copper coloured beard. In addition, both Thunder and Perun had to overcome many obstacles throughout their lives before rising to greatness. 

Since adopting Thunder and working through his baggage, we have grown in size. In 2010, we rescued Storm, in 2011 we rescued Sid, and in 2012 we bought our first purebred, Xahara. Xahara has become the foundation for our kennel. After Xahara, we were given another puppy, Spirit, in 2012. We purchased our first purebred male in 2014, Zipper. We grew exponentially from there with many more rescues, another purebred import, Shimmer, and then our first litter in 2016. We became CKC registered in 2015. 

Our dogs compete in conformation dog  shows and recreational dog sledding, but are first and foremost, our family members.

GCH Snowmist's Zip Zap What's That hip xrays - rated GOOD from OFA.

Health Testing and Guarantee

All of our breeding stock have their hips x-rayed and submitted to the OFA at 2 years old. All of our usable breeding stock have their eyes tested by a board certified canine opthalmologist  annually and submitted to OFA. Retired breeding stock also have their eyes tested every couple of years to ensure their optical health is still good. The health and longevity of the Siberian Husky is our passion as an ethical breeder.

Puppies are sold with a 2 year health guarantee for hips and eyes, subject to conditions and terms of the contract. The contract can be downloaded from our website for viewing.

Rescue dogs do not come with any guarantees. 



We are members of the Canadian Kennel Club (CKC) in Good standing. We are also members of the Siberian Husky Club of Canada (SHCC), Mush with P.R.I.D.E. and the Ontario Federation of SledDog Sports (OFSS). We have passed kennel inspections from OFSS, Mush with P.R.I.D.E., and the OSPCA. 

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Reserve Your New Friend!

We only breed every couple of years in order to keep our teams running and younger stock for our breeding pool. So ask us about any possible upcoming litters and get on our waiting list if approved! 

Applications for rescues and litters can be found in the Applications section of our website or can also be emailed to you to fill out.

Perun Siberian Huskies

Tweed, ON